1st Anniversary!!


Wow, it’s been a year ever since I started this Blog. Time sure flies!! Today marks the day when this Blog turns 1 Year old!! Weeee~XD

I have to say, this Blog sure have gone a long way ^^ I still remember when I first started exactly a year ago.

Originally, I started with LiveJournal around mid-2007, but I didn’t start writing entries until around December 2007, which kinda pathetic for me ^^; In the end I decided to switch over to WordPress in early January 2008.

When I first started on WordPress, originally it was geared towards my interest at that time, which was Gunpla and Figurines. As you might have noticed, as time goes by, Gunpla topics started to fade away from this Blog and in the end, it becomes solely to Figurine news and reviews.

Well, one reason is because I’m starting to get busy and there’s no time for me to build them. Right now I still have 2 backlog Gunpla which I still haven’t build yet, one is 1/100 Gundam Astraea which I got back in April 2007 and the other is MG RX78-G3 which I got recently from AFA2008.

Another reason is because I don’t have the funds to support both interests ^^; In the end, I’ve decided to choose Figurines over Gunpla. Of course, I will still try to update and slip in some Gunpla news in between figures from time to time ^^

The birth of this Blog was mainly motivated because of great Bloggers such as Danny and Foo-Bar-Baz ^^ Of course I won’t be able to get this far without the support of you guys, frequent readers and commenters ^^ Not to forget Otaku.fm and Animenano in helping promoting my Blog to the community, and also Team Blue, which I’m really grateful of.

Right now, my Blog is still growing at a steady pace with an average of 1400 hits per day, ranging from 1,200 hits to 1,700 hits daily. Highest hit for me was on December 23rd, 2008 at 1,807 hits. Of course, the month of December 2008 holds the highest hits with 41,344 hits ^^

Additionally, I would also like to thank the following Top 5 Bloggers in referring me the most:

1. Anime-Baka – Fariz Asuka (Now Kyouran Kyodai)
2. Exelica Meteor – James
3. Deathseeker – Panther
4. Striket’s にようこそ! – Striket
5. Gordonator – Gordon

As for the path this Blog will go in the year 2009, I will do my best to update and deliver you guys the latest news and updates even more!! ^^ Other plans also includes the “Never Ending Backlog Reviews”, which I really need to do. The last time I did my reviews was in October 2008, so this will be one of my top priority to-do-list in 2009!!~XD

Also, to celebrate this Blog 1st Anniversary, I have decided to move my Blog to a bigger server and get my own domain. I already got my own server with the help of Panther, so the move will be on soon. I’ll update you guys on this at later date ^^

Lastly, I would like to thank you guys again for all the support all this time, and hopefully this Blog will keep growing in time to come
~m( _ _ )m~

Cheers!!~\( ^ _ ^ )/


27 Responses to “1st Anniversary!!”

  1. James Says:

    Happy Birthday 😀

    And congrats for all those hits , you deserve it 🙂

  2. Uzumakiworld Says:


    I come to this blog everyday- you always have new updates & are always the fastest!


  3. lovelyduckie Says:

    GRATS! Your blog is incredibly informative and addicting!

  4. enish Says:

    That picture is awesome! Are those instruments made for Figmas?

    No prob. I love reading your blog! I check it every day. You always have something new to offer, and if not, then I can just take note of which figurines I want to prop on my shelves next. Let’s hope that 2009 is going to be a great year for figurines and this blog!

  5. Jubash Says:

    Congratulations X3 I always read your blog
    Thanks for bring us your posts full of news and everything XD

    Sorry for my english, I’m brazilian :3 Yes, your blog is read even here XD
    Parabéns, e obrigado pelos posts!

  6. ClearTranquil Says:

    Holy crap that’s an amazing picture.

    BTW! Congrats on the special day! I always love coming here to check out the new figure news. We all know DC luvz ya too.

  7. Persocom Says:

    Happy Birthday to your site ^^ It is one of the best places to go for figure news after all, so your hits are well deserved!

  8. ~+~ Chai ~+~ Says:

    Congratulations to your site! Happy anniversary! I’m glad I go visit here now everyday. Woot! Looking forward to more figure reviews. Thanks for making a difference. (^_^)

  9. Panther Says:


    I look forward to your new blog. :p

    PS: You need to upgrade to 2.7 yourself.

  10. acesan Says:

    Happy B’day to your site 🙂 Omedetto gozai masu or however it goes in Nihon-go !

  11. kazearashi Says:

    Congratulations and happy anniversary! ^^

    Thanks for always keeping us updated on figure news! 😀

  12. optic Says:

    Happy Anniversary. ^^

    “average of 1400 hits per day”

    This does not surprise me as many ppl referred to ur place for news. I’m looking forward to more of ur contribution in the new year. ^^

  13. Marianto Says:

    Your site is always my first info source for figures.

    Keep it up dude! ^^

  14. Kev Says:

    Congrats! Looking forward to your 2009 updates! ヽ(゚ω゚)ノ

  15. cidoes Says:

    cheers!I came to this blog from Dec last year.I like this
    blog!there are many figure’s news and update frequently.In this blog I have chance to communicate with others and know about their comments!all
    in all, it’s great!

  16. akichappy Says:

    Congrats. XD
    Hope to see figurine review. >.<

  17. Blowfish Says:

    Its already a year huh?Wheres the Cake?

  18. Fabian Says:

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  19. samejima Says:

    Congratulations on your 1 year.
    Keep up the good work.

  20. gordon Says:

    congrats. with your own server u can put up some ads and earn some money for the hosting. put that amount of traffic to good use! ^^

  21. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Thx!! ^^


    Thx!! Will do my best to keep you updated with the latest news ^^


    Thank you!! ^^


    Those instruments aren’t made for Figma, but their size is suitable for them. It’s a miniature instrument sets. You can get them through Hobby Search ^^

    Thx!! The same for you too!! ^^


    Thank you for visiting my blog!! ^^

    Don’t worry about it~XD


    Thx!! Will do my best to keep you updated!!


    Thank you!! ^^


    Thx for coming!! ^^ Will do my best to catch up with the reviews ^^


    lol thankie ^^

    New blog still in progress~XD


    Arigatou!! ^^


    Thx!! and you’re welcome ^^


    Thx!! ^^

    Still got room for improvement, but will do my best ^^


    Thx!! ^^

  22. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Thank you!! ^^


    Thx!! Also, for coming frequently ^^


    Thx!! Will do my best on the reviews, it’s coming!!~XD



    Someone stole it T_T


    Thank you!! ^^


    Thx!! ^^


    Thx!! ^^

    That’s part of the plan alright~XD

  23. Daftline Says:

    Congratulations to Wcloudx for always bringing us fresh figure news !

  24. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Thank you!!

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