More Custom Nendoroid Miku


A really well custom-made Nendoroid Hatsune Miku, which also includes her own custom special stand ^^

The figure is based on the following Miku design:


I can see that this person used Nendoroid Tsuruya-san as base model. Nevertheless it looks really great ^^

From Figure/GK.



4 Responses to “More Custom Nendoroid Miku”

  1. kazearashi Says:

    Been wondering how does people make these kind of custom figure…. D:

    This one looks great! DO WANT! 😀

  2. ~+~ Chai ~+~ Says:

    Very cute Miku. 🙂 I wonder when I can start creating my own figure hehe.

  3. enish Says:

    Sweet! World is Mine is an awesome song, and redjuice’s art in the song’s PV is the icing on the cake. If this was on sale, I would totally buy it.

  4. Persocom Says:

    that’s really nice looking

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