Custom Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter (Updated!!)

(Added more photos!!)


An impressive custom made “Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter” based on the illustration of Black Rock Shooter by Huke, complete with a Custom Base and her weapon ^^





I can see Nendoroid Yoko was used as part of the base model. Nuff’ said, best looking Nendoroid BRS up-to-date~XD

Via 2chan.


14 Responses to “Custom Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter (Updated!!)”

  1. Pasu Says:

    Woah, that one’s really well made. If I saw that with other Nendo’s, I would believe it’s real. I’m amazed how good some people can customize those figurines~

  2. Minaru Says:

    That is so cute!!!!

    I hope Max Factory comes out with a figma version

  3. NegativeZero Says:

    Definitely Yoko’s body and it looks like Miku’s haid with some retouching on the paintwork.

  4. Blowfish Says:

    Astounding Work! Nice find

  5. Kouryu Says:

    I hope Good Smile will make it…
    But definitly for a custom… it’s realy good.
    I WANT !!!!!!

  6. Hatchuu Says:

    That is awesome! I hope they come out with more BRS stuff for us fans ^^

  7. Divine Fang Says:


  8. DT Says:

    A very nicely made custom BRS nendoroid indeed, though if Good Smile Company were to really produce it together with others such as Meltdown Rin and Saihate Miku nendoroids then I guess my wallet will be bleeding very soon.

  9. Leonia Says:

    Amazing ! O.o

    Grat job in this custom !

  10. Fariz Asuka Says:

    Thats pretty awesome!!

  11. lylibellule Says:

    she’s so cute! ­čÖé

  12. Shadonia » Blog Archive » Avril 2009 Says:

    […] de Custom de Vocaloid appara├«ssent, et apr├Ęs une version Black Rock Shooter, Miku Hatsune nous revient dans une nouvelle […]

  13. Black Rock Shooter -Pilot- Released « Says:

    […] Thanks UntoldHero: The most cute Custom Nendoroid of all: Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter […]

  14. Mioluv Says:

    I think her eyes ore odd..

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