April 2009 Haul – Part 2

These arrived earlier:



– Unity-May (Good Smile Company)
– Suzumiya Haruhi Gekisou Ver. (Max Factory)

The other Haruhi is for my friend ^^

Super shiny box for Haruhi indeed. Pretty neat I have to say ( ^ _ ^ )


8 Responses to “April 2009 Haul – Part 2”

  1. Persocom Says:

    just got my Haruhi yesterday, best figure of her I’ve seen

  2. Flip Says:

    how do you afford so many figures O_O

  3. Pasu Says:

    I want that Haruhi one so much ;w; I have that picture the figurine is based on as a wallpaper for 2 years now. I was so happy when I first saw it~ It’ll take a while before I’ll be able to buy it though (living in Europe…)

  4. DR Says:

    How do you afford so many figures? May you tell wat do you do for living?

  5. acesan Says:

    Getting mine very soon also!! But yeah, I agree with Flip, you must have TONS of figures!!! I’m actually running out of figure room myself >_>

  6. optic Says:

    HLJ hasn’t even process mind yet. -_-

  7. Leonia Says:

    Two haruhi O.o. She is beautiful, the first that i like ^^ Good purchase ^^

  8. Nopy Says:

    I want Haruhi, but I’m currently broke 😦

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