GSC’s CM Behind The Scenes


Asanon posted a bunch of “Behind The Scenes” photos of the latest Good Smile Company commercial, which was aired earlier this month ^^




Some that were shown include the upcoming “Nendoroid-petit Vocaloid Collection #01” and also Toeto.



Not to forget Nendoroid Gumako, short form for “Good Smile Ko (Girl)”, also present in the CM ^^


You can view the CM below if you haven’t seen it:

More at Asanon’s Blog.


3 Responses to “GSC’s CM Behind The Scenes”

  1. glockenpop Says:

    I seriously considering dumping my conventional glass cabinet and getting one of those shelving units. O__O

  2. Blowfish Says:

    Thats the Ikea Expedit!
    I own one and it isnt really the most space efficent thing.My LPs,DVDs and game consoles rest in it.

  3. Veni Says:

    I want that pillow. >_<

    And yea I know someone who uses an expedit for figure display…Doesn't look half bad really.

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