Alter’s Fate “The Making”


Alter updated their Blog with a “Behind The Scene” look on how they actually mass-produced their figures in the factory, in particular the figure shown right now is the upcoming Fate T. Harlaown ^^

First is the “Metal Mold”.



Shown here is how the metal plate is used to mold a part of the hair. There are atleast 2-3 different types of metal plates just to mold one body part. Not to mention that they have to create new ones if some adjustments is needed.


They mentioned that the number of plates needed greatly affect the production cost ^^;

Next we have the “Tanpo Printing”.


Shown here is how the method is used to create the “Stamp Plate” for the eyes. A thin metal is used for the plate.


A special liquid is applied on the metal where a sheet with an image of the eyes is put on top of it. Then a special Light Ray is used to imprint the image on the metal.


The finished product will then have the “Eyes” on it, presented in white colour.


A brush with another special liquid on it then applied on the white part of the eyes for 1 minute.


It will then corrode the metal away and dented it to produce the “Stamp”, where the ink is applied on it and “pressed” together to produce the “Sticker” of the eyes.


…and that’s the end of it ^^;

More will be shown at later date. Via Alter’s Blog.


5 Responses to “Alter’s Fate “The Making””

  1. Gordanham Says:

    Nice to see the inside story of how figures are made. I always wonder how they put the eyes on and now I know, it still is a confusing process though.

  2. @animefigures Says:

    Link posted!

  3. yuuichikun Says:

    Alter Fate, so lovely, I WILL OWN YOU!!! XD ❤ ❤

    Thanks for this look behind the scenes ^o^ I was wondering how they got her hair to do that o.O

  4. Veni Says:

    Really interesting stuff…Even more complex then I wouldof ever guessed.

  5. Q Says:

    It’s interesting to see how the first figure I have ordered from ALTER is produced. ^^

    Thanks for the share!

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