Figma Canaan & Nendoroid Canaan Previews


A previews scan from the latest issue of Hobby Japan magazine, featuring “Figma Canaan” from the new upcoming anime CANAAN by Max Factory ^^


The figure itself will be up for 2,500 Yen retail price with no exact date yet.


A Scale and Nendoroid of the figure is also scheduled for release by Good Smile Company ^^

Via Figure/GK.



8 Responses to “Figma Canaan & Nendoroid Canaan Previews”

  1. enish Says:

    GS is already making figures for this series? Wow, they’re fast! I like all the weapons and add-ons that come with the Figma.

  2. Observer Extraordinaire Says:

    WOW! I never saw it up close like this. Very nice, I might GET it. ‘sides, flat chests are in. I’m looking forward to the anime, curious indeed. 😀

  3. Persocom Says:

    woo a moving gun. Can’t say I want this cuz I have no idea what the anime is going to be like yet. Will see after I watch some.

  4. ChuaChuram Says:

    Yay a figma NOT Haruhi related and NOT in a fuku.

  5. Q Says:

    She can cock the pistol! How awesome is that!!

  6. Ninjovee Says:

    Awesome! I’m actually looking forward to seeing the anime series. Definite want!

    Can I use this article on my blog? Will link back, of course 🙂

  7. Canaan Figma and Nendoroid previews « Tangerine Tango Says:

    […] TWEWY a lot. It’s actually airing tomorrow! And I’ve spotted the news and pictures from wcloudx(kumo)’s blog entry… Can’t help but be excited about this! Scan from Hobby Japan: Canaan Figma by Max […]

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