Hyakka-Ryoran Updates

A number of new updates from the Hyakka-Ryoran series ^^


First is the introduction of a newly added character named “Naoe Kanetsugu”. Again, she’s based on a famous Japanese figure. Go here for more info.


Next is with the introduction of 2 new merchandises which was mentioned earlier.

1st is the Solid Oppai Mouse Pad, featuring Yagyu Jubei:


The mouse pad is a Limited item, which you can only get either from Hobby Japan Online Shop or Comiket 76 event, which will be on August 14th until August 16th, 2009. Item is scheduled for August 2009 release at 3,980 Yen retail price.

2nd is a Dakimakura cover, also featuring Jubei.


This is s normal release set for Summer 2009 release by Cospa.

The latest issue of Hobby Japan magazine also showed us teaser images, featuring the next Hyakka-Ryoran figures which are going to be released by Alter ^^

1st is 1/8 scale Hanzo Hatori:


2nd is 1/8 scale Senhime:


Unfortunately Hatori is going to be Hobby Japan magazine limited just like Yukimura, while Senhime is set for normal release.

Scans Via Figure/GK.


6 Responses to “Hyakka-Ryoran Updates”

  1. Shiddo Says:

    Glad Senhime is normal release ^^ And hope same will be Naoe. Imho Naoe is realy awesome ^^ Goto Matabei and D’Artagnan didn’t get me that much, but when I saw this twintail with uberlarge hammer… ^^ Must have! ^^

  2. Veni Says:

    Really pushing this series aren’t they? Haven’t been terribly excited about the first two figures, but the gal with the hammer and D’art sure look appealing.

  3. NegativeZero Says:

    The whole limited release is really annoying because these are good, but not incredible, and limiting their release seems almost counter-productive since it makes it harder to collect a set.

    Maybe the limited ones will get a general release later on.

  4. rinasano Says:

    yaa!! limited edition? ;_; sob sob
    when they release Yukimura?

    but Senhime is pretty! 😀

  5. Alter’s Hatori Preview « Wcloudx (kumo)’s Blog – Ramblings about Figures, Gunpla, & More!! Says:

    […] mentioned before, the figure will be another one of Hobby Japan magazine mail order exclusive just like Yukimura. […]

  6. Hyakka-Ryoran Dakimakura Reservation Starts!! « Wcloudx (kumo)’s Blog – Ramblings about Figures, Gunpla, & More!! Says:

    […] bad that the Mouse Pad is Hobby Japan exclusive, which I’m really interested to get ( > _ < […]

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