Orchid Seed’s Seira Previews


Orchid Seed updated their Blog with preview images of the upcoming 1/7 scale figure of “Orujeru Seira” from Chaos;Head ^^







Her reservations will open this coming Friday.

More at Orchid Seed’s Blog.


7 Responses to “Orchid Seed’s Seira Previews”

  1. Joey Says:

    Looks quite spiffy. ^^

  2. Veni Says:


    Yes must get… ^_^

  3. Guy Says:

    Cute figure.

    The tetsubo being pink is a bit over the top 😉

    I like her better dressed, if she were less shiny in the clothes-department then it’d have been great, I think, instead of just really good 😉

    Also, thumbs up for the jaunty hat angle 🙂

  4. ChuaChuram Says:

    She has nice colors. Her weapon looks cute and yet brutal, kinda like she’s intentionally hiding the brutal part with her body lol

  5. Reltair Says:

    Can’t decide if I like it or not. Looks great, too much pink though I think.

  6. Pegas Rider Says:

    Figure of the Figure from fanservice anime… Nice ^_^ Brutal style makes her some cutie 🙂 Good work.

  7. vixums Says:

    Yeah, those colors are amazing *drool* and her pasties!!!!

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