Volks’ KOS-MOS Ver.4 Previews


Volks updated their Site with more Information on the upcoming 1/4 scale Garage Kit of “KOS-MOS Ver.4” from Xenosaga III, now fully painted which was first announced during Wonder Festival 2009 Summer event ^^





This kit will be up for 50,400 Yen retail price. I can’t remember her height but I think it’s around 40-50cm. The figure will appear this weekend at Chara Hobby 2009 event, and most likely it will also be sold exclusively there.

To tell the truth, this is probably one of the best looking and gorgeous KOS-MOS Ver.4 figure out there…really I won’t deny it either. Even with the insane price, this is just amazing. Probably even surpass Alter’s one. The only let down is of course that it’s a Garage Kit ^^;

Via Volks’ Site.


20 Responses to “Volks’ KOS-MOS Ver.4 Previews”

  1. The Deathseeker » Blog Archive » Best KOS-MOS Figure EVAR Says:

    […] shit this was just way too good to put off any longer. Thanks to wcloudxkumo who alerted me in IRC about the fully painted version of Volks KOS-MOS Ver. 4 previously displayed […]

  2. Veni Says:

    Epic is the word for it…just…plain…epic…

  3. Joey Says:

    Wow. *3*

    So. Beautiful.

  4. Sara Says:

    thats a really nice figure, and an awesome looking character, they should make a Figma or Revoltech of her!!

  5. Reltair Says:

    With that kind of price tag, I would expect it to look godly – and it doesn’t disappoint.

  6. Guy Says:

    I included it in a post, when all we had was the grey figure.

    And this is one thing people don’t realize makes judging unpainted kits so hard, because it’s all one colour, and there’s no colouring, let alone shading, a lot of the details are very hard to see, even harder via photos (don’t get me started on miniatures base-coated black).

    This is beautiful, and amazing painting. The super metallic gun-barrel, the hair which becomes more translucent the lower you go, the small creases in her dress… (though the hair is a bit plastic-y at the front)

    If they sold it pre-painted, I’d say it was worth it (if way beyond my reach). Then again, most of the people who buy these love painting them too.

  7. meronpan Says:

    if only i could build my own kits orz

  8. Pegas Rider Says:

    *loking on photo* Oh my…
    *reading about GK* Oh no…

    One thing: if a GK only will be sold at 50,400 price, what about prepainted version? x2 multiplication?

    • wcloudxkumo Says:

      For this KOS-MOS…it could easily reach 150,000 Yen at Yahoo! Japan Auction pre-painted ^^;

      If you’re lucky, you can get her around 100,000 Yen.

      This is considering that it’s nicely painted and also the size of it. The price also not including the shipping price, etc.

  9. zoku88 Says:

    Wow, that is quite beautiful. It always seems to be KOS-MOS, though. Never someone like MOMO 😦

  10. TrueDevil Says:

    Last time, There was an original 1/4 Volks Mai prepainted which doesn’t have much detail went for 170 k yen in YAJ…

    With this Kos-mos, I can’t imagine it… especially if ‘plant_jzero’ painted and custom it. (usually nude custom though..) Got to reach 200-400 k yen…

  11. Panther Says:

    Eh I think it is not the kit that costs 50,400 Yen but the actual prepainted figure itself dude. If the kit costs that much already who would buy it?

  12. phossil Says:

    First 1/4 figure I really like.

    • Guy Says:

      Yeah, cause it’s a resin kit, they usually come much higher quality, and at 50,400 yen, it’d be surprising if its quality was low.

  13. Figure Friday – August 21st-27th « Geekorner-Geekulture. Says:

    […] Volks’ KOS-MOS Ver.4 Previews Previously gave picture of unpainted, along with link to buy on Tokyohunter’s blog. Now we see her painted, and damn, but this is stunning. Aside from the hair being painted a bit too plastic-line, it’s really breath-taking. Except that you’ll have to paint it yourself as it’s a garage kit, and it’s 50,400 yen unpainted. Order at Tokyohunter. […]

  14. Volks’ Bayonetta Previews « Wcloudx (kumo)’s Blog – Ramblings about Figures, Gunpla, & More!! Says:

    […] to KOS-MOS Ver. 4, the kit will be another event exclusive and will be available at this upcoming Chara Hobby 2010 […]

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