More Figma Saber Extra


Hobby-Channel updated with more preview images of the upcoming “Figma Saber Extra Ver.” from Fate/EXTRA by Max Factory ^^






She will be bundled with the upcoming Fate/EXTRA Limited Edition SP-Box game for the PSP. Reservations already started and scheduled for March 18th, 2010 release at 10,490 Yen retail price.


12 Responses to “More Figma Saber Extra”

  1. Anjerasu Says:

    Darn the new paint job really looks way better. NOW I REALLY WANT ONE!

  2. Lelouch-san Says:

    Whoa, you can tell this is super photoshop to bring out the colors!

  3. optimisticpenguin Says:

    so lovely shame she is rather pricey as an exclusive, lol

  4. ChuaChuram Says:

    I hope she comes…with a weapon..or something? And yeah you can see the photoshopness lol

  5. NotoriousKLG Says:

    Butt crack.

    I like this figure a lot, but it’s going to be a while before I get her and the game. It doesn’t appear that she comes with a sword, which is a drawback, and isn’t as instant get inducing for me as Saber Lily was.
    Speaking of the Saber Lily Figma, where’s my Dark Saber? Where’s my Luviagelita Edelfelt? They were on the box, yet no further mention has ever been made.
    Also, Rider Figma please.

  6. SirusRiddler Says:

    Once again, shameless magical breast size enhancement.

    Also, complete lack of armor. At least Saber Lily has the mind to have a little bit of protection while maintaining sexiness.

    I just noticed those shoulder pauldron things though. I like ’em.

    • Gasa Says:

      Well, to be far, this is most likely NOT the Saber we all know. Remember that Saber is a title and not a name(The “normal” Saber being “Arturia”)

  7. iron2000 Says:

    Weapon? Perhaps the same swords again.

  8. Guy Says:

    Interesting wild hair piece on the first, not too crazy on the faces.

  9. Reltair Says:

    Saber has no need for armor, her sword skills are too high of a level.

    • SirusRiddler Says:

      Her sword skills sure didn’t save her from almost getting cut in half by Berserker. And neither did her armor now that I think of it.

      Yeah, yeah, she was under Shiro’s servitude so she didn’t have her full power…

  10. Figma Saber Bride Announced « Wcloudx (kumo)’s Blog – Ramblings about Figures, Gunpla, & More!! Says:

    […] to the previous “Figma Saber Extra Ver.”, the new Figma Saber Bride will be bundled together with the Limited Edition “Type-Moon […]

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