Figma Saber Bride Announced


With the announcement of the upcoming new Fate/Extra game for the PSP called “Fate/Extra CCC”, a new “Figma Saber Bride” by Max Factory is revealed.

Similar to the previous “Figma Saber Extra Ver.”, the new Figma Saber Bride will be bundled together with the Limited Edition “Type-Moon Virgin White Box” pack of the game. The pack will be up for 10,479 Yen retail price and is scheduled for Spring 2012 release.

No Prototype samples yet, but the design will be based on the images:


Via 2chan.

7 Responses to “Figma Saber Bride Announced”

  1. Andrew Wright (@Valhalla_P) Says:

    I can’t say the design looks bad, but I won’t be throwing cash down this. I wish Max Factory would stop with putting out these Saber variants, exclusive or not, I just want to see some of the other servants get the Figma treatment.

  2. glockenpop Says:

    Hmm I don’t like the design. She loses all her strength in character with the chain around her neck. :/

  3. Chai Chen Says:

    She has become more of an eye-candy than a warrior eh?

  4. feriel1216 Says:

    I wonder what epic spirit that new Saber is… And really curious of the red head girl that looks like a grown up Yui from Angel beats. She has a fish like tail? @_@

  5. pvrt Says:

    HAHA they want squish out every tiny bit of money out of saber

    poor saber…saber no longer saber anymore but more like a hooker


  6. fakename Says:

    You know it’s “Nero” not “Arthur” right, and yes she does live up to her name, “The whore of Babylon” lol.

  7. Figma Saber Bride Previews « Wcloudx (kumo)’s Blog – Ramblings about Figures, Gunpla, & More!! Says:

    […] mentioned before, the figure will be an exclusive and will be bundled together with the release of Limited Edition […]

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