Custom Figma Saber Lily Alter Ver.


Looks like Saber Alter is getting a lot more attention. First we have the 1/7 scale Saber Lily by Good Smile Company, and now we have Figma Saber Lily by Max Factory getting the Alter treatment ^^





Another impressive customization I have to say ( ^ _ ^ )

Via fg Site.


8 Responses to “Custom Figma Saber Lily Alter Ver.”

  1. YuKi-To Says:

    wow, I totally prefer this design over the original figmas and also the scaled GSC alter custom

  2. Exiled_Gundam Says:

    Hmm the base figma used is figma Saber Lily?

  3. Aon Says:

    Wow, This looks great.

  4. Ninjovee Says:

    That is an awesome custom o.o they forgot to take out the ahoge tho

  5. elefenoa Says:

    Saber Alter needs more love~

  6. ChuaChuram Says:

    I prefer Lily.

  7. Reltair Says:

    Looks like a really good Saber Alter, although I prefer Saber Lily over her.

    Impressive work though.

  8. K Says:

    My god, you’re a GENIUS! loved the way you traced the lines on her armor

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