Kotobukiya’s New Elwing Coloured Previews (Updated)

(Added New Photos)


Shine na Blog has been updated with some preview images of their upcoming new 1/6 scale figure of “Elwing” from Shining Wind by Kotobukiya, now in colour ^^







Apparently the scale could be much bigger than 1/6 and might be around 1/5. As for the price, she’ll be around 10,000 Yen and reservations will open shortly.

Via Shine na Blog.


20 Responses to “Kotobukiya’s New Elwing Coloured Previews (Updated)”

  1. rapunzel00 Says:

    Oooh ❤ I love how the colors on her fabric look 😀

  2. Kouji-kun Says:

    Wow. Looks like those color glass.

  3. Guy Says:

    I like the painting, I want to see more.

    I just hope it won’t turn out too plasticky.

  4. arcium Says:

    Very nice! I will get this one when it get’s released

  5. Bryan Says:

    Cant wait for her. My nose is already bleeding.

  6. Preview de Elwing de Kotobukiya - figuradictos Says:

    […] wcloudxkumo blog :1/6, Elwin, kotobukiya, Preview, shining wind No comments for this entry […]

  7. Kanon Says:

    Sooooo cuuuuute! Definite get ^^

  8. Hatchuu Says:

    Gorgeous. A work of art!

  9. Ringo Says:

    I really love how Koto colored her um..skirt ^^”
    she looks beautiful and worth the money, but i’m putting off ordering her for now because of budget and my parents wouldn’t like her lack of clothing =3=

  10. Ami Says:

    I hope they make a matching Xecty to compliment this lovely Elwing. I will most likely pre-order this.

  11. Reltair Says:

    The paint job is really nice. Kotobukiya taking their figures up to the next tier.

    The price is as to be expected from the size, but it’s still ugh.

  12. Bryan Says:

    @Ami: Based on her pose, a Xecty of the same scale is a possible fact.

    Anyone knows when she will be released??

  13. Panther Says:

    The photos look very dull, I expect this to be because of lighting and not because the figure itself sucks. Not getting, even if it looks good. I doubt Koto will have the ability to actually pull this one off either.

  14. Exiled_Gundam Says:


  15. Bryan Says:

    Now that’s a good question.. XD. But, knowing Kotobukiya and the past releases of the Shining Wind/Tears Line, there is just a very low chance that it is castoffable.

  16. Exiled_Gundam Says:

    Haha the clothes do look like castoffable 😛

  17. Guy Says:


  18. Bryan Says:

    Hehe. That would be a good feature. XD

  19. Aeon Says:

    Probably just the bottom dress part is cast-offable , leaving her undergarments would be my guess.

  20. trapchan Says:

    Wow, nice and BIG figure ! If it has cast off feature i will definitely buy it !

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