GSC & Max’s 3rd Photoshoot Contest Announced!!


With the announcement of the upcoming Wonder Hobby 11 event on Febuary 7th, 2010, Good Smile Company and Max Factory is going to host another Photoshoot Contest, and this will be the 3rd time they are doing it ^^

Just like previous contest, you are only allowed to use Good Smile Company and Max Factory items to use as subject. It can be Figma, Nendoroid, Scaled, or combinations of all of them. You are also allowed to use any media to take your photos, plus softwares to enhance and add effects to your photos (Photoshop, etc).

The theme will be free.


Applications for the contest is already opened and will run through January 24th, 2010. You can go Here to submit your application. Please take note that you are only allowed 1 Entry/Photo per person and maximum of 3mb of file size. Entry must also be your own work and not someone else’s.

Now, as for the winners, it will be a little bit different unlike previous contests. This time 50 winners will be chosen (Yes 50, you read it correct), so no Grand Prizes will be involved.

The prize for the winners will be:


– An exclusive and limited Nendoroid and Figma T-Shirt + Mufflers Set for your Figma and Nendoroid use.

A consolation prize will also be given for participation and submitting entry:

– An exclusive Wonder Hobby Papercraft Postcard.

The works of the winners will be exhibited and announced at Wonder Hobby 11 event on Febuary 7th, 2010 and WonHobby Twitpic on Febuary 5th, 2010.


7 Responses to “GSC & Max’s 3rd Photoshoot Contest Announced!!”

  1. Reltair Says:

    Oh interesting, might have to go try this out.

  2. garturo62 Says:

    don’t have good camera and will probably lose.

  3. pus2meong Says:

    Oh, Need to submit my picture then… But which one (all of my pics mostly crap >.<)

  4. cybeast Says:

    should I submit too? the prize looks interesting…but I just want to win xD

    (like if there’s any chance of winning for me with my crap pics >.>)

  5. Djayoez Says:

    photoshop-able? it will make this competition even harder to enter win XD

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