Figma Yomi & Figma Kagome Previews


Max Factory updated their Figma Blog with preview images of their upcoming new figures of “Figma Isayama Yomi” from Ga-Rei -Zero- and “Figma Higurashi Kagome” from Inuyasha ^^











Reservations for both of them will open sometime next week. Also, supposedly another new announcement will be revealed on January 12th, 2010 that has to do with the upcoming Wonder Festival 2010 Winter event.

Via Figma’s blog.


6 Responses to “Figma Yomi & Figma Kagome Previews”

  1. Rawr Says:

    Yomi is more boring then I was expecting. Kagome looks good, I like that style of look of her, much like Lum. If that makes sense.

    And please God let the new surprise figma be Luka/Kaito/BRS/Metis or even Yoko.

  2. Kanon Says:

    Kagome is so adorable in Figma form ^^ Never really watched the anime but she looks like a get!

  3. SirusRiddler Says:

    I dunno…I think Douglas is what’s gonna get me to purchase Yomi. That’s pretty funny. xD The evil face is pretty decent, too.

    Besides, I’m already getting Kagura so I wouldn’t want to leave such a gaping hole.

  4. Dan Says:

    I’m more excited about Yomi now that I know it comes with the ponytail too !!!

  5. Nega3 Says:

    Kagome looks fab.

    Yomi’s hot.

    Keep up the good work MF.

  6. lovelyduckie Says:

    Kagome for me 🙂 she looks very nice

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