Kotobukiya’s Xecty Eve Teaser 2


Shine na Blog once again updated with more teaser images of their upcoming 1/8 scale figure of “Xecty E.V.E” from Shining Wind by Kotobukiya ^^



Her reservations will open sometime next week.

Via Shine na Blog.


13 Responses to “Kotobukiya’s Xecty Eve Teaser 2”

  1. Rin Asano Says:

    I will buy it for collection , but it’s like a “repaint” eheh 😛

  2. Ami Says:

    OMG. She looks amazing! *-* I’m getting both versions!

  3. Ringo Says:

    I really like her weapon but find the horn things sticking out of her head a bit weird

  4. Preview Xecty E.V.E de Kotobukiya - figuradictos Says:

    […] wcloudxkumo Blog :1/8, kotobukiya, Preview, shine no blog, shining wind, Xecty E.V.E No comments for this entry […]

  5. glockenpop Says:

    I prefer the green/brown version. That color scheme is what drew to me to the figure in the first place. XD

  6. Guy Says:

    Seems like she’d be a pain to display.

    It seems to me there’s a new form of warfare, each figure comes out so big, that to display it you have to keep a huge open space around it, so that people will be more likely to see the new figure on its own, separated, and then buy it/from the company.

    • ChuaChuram Says:

      Ya, seems like PVC figures are getting bigger and bigger >_<

    • Deroth Says:

      That’s actually the case with some of the most popular figures on the market like Saber Lily, BRS, Alter’s Fate, etc: so I guess that merchandising scheme is actually working. ^^;

      • Guy Says:

        Oh, for sure. It’s a bit annoying in a way, but it also pays off if you only want to buy 1-2 figures, because when they take all the space, you have an excuse 😉

        I wonder if they consider the problems to retailers caused by huge boxes BTW, and whether it is intentional, as the figure will also then attract more visual real estate on the shelf.

  7. wawapiko Says:

    is she an exclusive japan-only release? O.o
    hope shes not *crosses fingers*

  8. lovelyduckie Says:

    so far she isn’t doing much for me, I may skip

  9. Aeon Says:

    AmiAmi has more pics now, painted and everything. http://www.amiami.com/shop/shop?vgForm=ProductInfo&sku=FIG-MOE-1527&template=e_review.html&set=english

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