Nendoroid Puchi Touhou Project Preview


A preview scan featuring the upcoming set of “Nendoroid Puchi Touhou Project” by Good Smile Company ^^

First revealed during Comiket 77 event. No exact date or price yet.

Via 2chan.


3 Responses to “Nendoroid Puchi Touhou Project Preview”

  1. Etherlite Says:

    it’s said that it’s a set of three, and the last one is still a secret, praobably they’ll show the other one in WF

  2. aos Says:

    Wasn’t this on the same page as that Sakuya nendoroid?

    Set of 3? … Looking forward to these Puchis, but I hate this whole “set of 3” business. I wish they would just go & make a box of 12… 😦

  3. Nopy Says:

    They’re so cute, I hope they’re released soon.

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