Yamato’s Asuka Previews 2


Continuing from last time, Reflect updated their Blog with more preview images of the upcoming “Asuka Langley Soryu Shunya Yamashita Ver.” from Evangelion by Yamato, this time with her face completely painted ^^


Pretty face ( ^ _ ^ )

Via Reflect Blog.


4 Responses to “Yamato’s Asuka Previews 2”

  1. isotope217 Says:

    It is a shame that these beautiful Shunya Yamashita figures have a tendency to suffer from the terrible disease of noassatall.

    It puzzles me that when given the oppurtunity to sculpt an ideal woman. the sculptor decides that her ass should be as miserable as an old man’s.

    • Pedropinilla Says:

      And that’s an important issue in every figure of my taste, at least for me.
      But for Asuka is a nice bottom I think ^^.

  2. Rin Asano Says:

    yes the face is so lovely! maybe it’s 1/6 scale like Rei ayanami.. nice collection but I’ll pass 🙂
    I have a lot of Evangelion figures >_> and I choose to buy Marvel Bishoujo so I have Shunya figures

  3. isotope217 Says:

    What do you think of E2046 ‘s Asuka?


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