GSC’s Mikoto Reservation Starts!!


This new 1/8 scale figure of “Misaka Mikoto” from To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, will be available this coming July 2010 by Good Smile Company for 5,800 Yen retail price. Hobby Search is taking reservations for her as of today.

A must get for Mikoto fans ( ^ _ ^ )


5 Responses to “GSC’s Mikoto Reservation Starts!!”

  1. Actar Says:

    Indeed, though the use of blue plastic electricity would have been appreciated. Love the iron particle sword.

  2. Leomb Says:

    gaddamnit GSC!!!
    I don’t care about this!!!
    When are you going to release BRS anime version?!?!?!?!!!?!??!?!
    Alter has almost launched everything that was exposed in wonder festival already!!

  3. Actar Says:

    @ Leomb: You don’t but I do. In contrast, I’m not really that concerned for BRS at all.

  4. Billybob Says:


    I’m actually not figurine guy at all, but I really want this one.
    Really looks well made.

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