World Is Mine Garage Kit


Another impressive self-made work, featuring 1/7 scale figure of “World Is Mine Hatsune Miku ~Hatsune Hime~” by Hobby Max ^^








Based on the following illustration:


Via fg Site.


7 Responses to “World Is Mine Garage Kit”

  1. Leonia Says:

    I really like this G-kit even if I find the face special ^^ But I prefer this base ^^

  2. optimisticpenguin Says:

    Yeah I found it on FG Site the other day and was like wow me want, hahahaha it’s amazing what some people can do, he should be workin (if he not already) making figures or sculpting for a living.

  3. Bryan Says:

    She’s very cute. A younger looking version of The World Is Mine.

  4. Ami Says:

    Looks like her hair is made of liquid. It’s still a wonderful sculpt. ^^

  5. Rin Asano Says:

    I’m in love with her *_* hope in PVC ver ;_; and if she will be from GSC , I hope in better quality of other miku!! the base of GSC world is mine is so BAD!!! I found a lot of error of production… repaint with a “pen”… scratches..etc.. and I’m not the only one!

    wahh I can’t see other images of this kit.. because I’m going crazy and I want it XD XD

  6. - A Fusion of Japan's Otaku and Popular Culture Says:

    […] photos can be seen at Hobby Max and wcloudxkumo. Anyway the figure is based on this […]

  7. Reltair Says:

    An excellent realization of the illustration. I can imagine this becoming a mass produced PVC figure.

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