New Nendoroid Puchi Touhou Teaser


Asanon updated her Blog with a teaser image of the upcoming new Nendoroid Puchi figure from Touhou Project series by Good Smile Company, most like for the 2nd set of “Nendoroid Puchi Touhou Project #02”.

More will be revealed soon.

Via Asanon’s Blog.

7 Responses to “New Nendoroid Puchi Touhou Teaser”

  1. Hatchuu Says:

    Looks to me like Alice Margatroid. Where’s shanghai? XD

  2. Darky-san Says:

    At last Alice
    yeah !!!^^

  3. aos Says:

    Yes! I can’t wait for this set to be shown!

    I think it might be Alice… her left hand could be holding the book, while her right hand remains straight. There is a bump in the hair piece, indicating that she is wearing her hairband. I’m being thrown off by that little flip in her dress though, on the bottom lefthand corner. I guess that was just added for cutness.

    here’s a similar pic of the pose:

    I hope GSC goes with lighter… maybe a little more pastel-like color scheme instead of darker colors.

  4. miokanii Says:

    hiiiii alice

  5. Kate Says:

    OMG I can’t wait to see what she looks like, I love Alice! XD

  6. - A Fusion of Japan's Otaku and Popular Culture Says:

    […] has any insights as to who she might be? The folks over at wcloudxkumo are guessing that she might be Alice アリス. ^^ Tagged as: GoodSmile Company, Nendoroid […]

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