Max’s Xecty Swimsuit Previews


Mikatan updated her Blog with preview images of the upcoming 1/7 scale figure of “Xecty Ein Swimsuit Ver.” from Shining Wind by Max Factory ^^










Reservations will open tomorrow.

Via Mikatan’s Blog.


10 Responses to “Max’s Xecty Swimsuit Previews”

  1. Alteisen Says:

    This one is amazing. I like Seena more than this, but maybe I will order this as well.

  2. Ami Says:

    I think Xecty came out looking the best! Can’t wait to pre-order her! 😀

  3. Guy Says:

    I like, the pert nipples are a bit crass.

  4. tabetaiii Says:

    what a lovely figure.
    I’d get it but don’t want anyone commenting on it when they visit my room^^”

  5. Kimono Taku Says:

    amazing figure *_______* but um…isn´t her right leg look a little weird ?

  6. Saku Helios Says:

    ^ I agree, the right leg is look strange O_o, but, I love it <333333333333 Best figure swimsuit Shining Wind of Max Factory.

  7. pedropinilla Says:

    I like this one very much, I would be a good option but I’ll go for Clalaclan first.

  8. aos Says:

    She looks beautiful… truly gorgeous. Max Factory did a perfect job with her sculpt.. and her expression is breathtaking. Extremely simple, but extremely stunning figure.

    All of these swimsuit figures from Max Factory are very capable of looking great standing alone, but this one has this glow of independence. Imagine a photo of her standing against a bright green forest background. Beautiful! Great work, max factory!

  9. DSJFX18 Says:

    Wow, I absolutely love the eyes. The rest is good too.

  10. Devastator001 Says:

    Hmm…. now this one looks better than the earlier shot ^_^. Her Righ leg’s looks abit stiff but for me it’s a minor quibble

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