New BRS Anime Screens


Mikatan updated her Blog with some new screens from the upcoming Black Rock Shooter Anime 50-Minute OVA, taken at the recent BRS event, which DVD going to be bundled with a number of upcoming Hobby magazine next month ^^













The DVD is going to be bundled, for free, with the September 2010 issue of Hobby Japan, Megami, and Animedia magazine, which is going to be on sale on July 24th, July 30th, and August 10th, 2010 respectively.

Via Mikatan’s Blog.

9 Responses to “New BRS Anime Screens”

  1. kiyoura Says:

    Looks awesome, can’t wait to see it!

  2. yakuri Says:

    They’re really planning for world domination with this anime, and I couldn’t be happier about it 😀

    Can’t wait for its release!

  3. Actar Says:

    I will only buy into BRS IF, and only IF, the Anime and characters impress me. I don’t find good looks to be a valid reason for buying into the figures.

    …but I do have the Figma and Nendodoid preordered just in case. (^.^)

  4. NyaHoshi Says:

    You forgot that Mikatan also mentioned Dead Master figma pre-orders are going up at the end of the month~

  5. Ami Says:

    Wow this looks nice! I’m really looking forward to watching this. ❤

  6. yakuri Says:

    @Actar: ahahahaha yeah my thoughts exactly, the pricey PVCs are hard to order when the anime is not even out, but the figma and nendoroid aren’t that expensive to regret the purchase.

  7. Ragnablade Says:

    I hope the BRS anime doesn’t suck. I mean, I’m not expecting anything deep. Just entertaining.

    • aos Says:

      I agree- I’m hoping the animation does justice to the whole BRS concept; even if it’s a let down, I’ll still this whole BRS thing for the art & characters.

      Still don’t know about the plot though; I mean, DM & BRS are friends- but in every photograph they always seem to be violently attacking each other.
      Hopefully it’ll be an interesting storyline.

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