July 2010 Haul – Part 1

These arrived earlier:






– Nakano Azusa (Alter)
– Hatsune Miku VN02 Mix (Max Factory)
– Figma Rider (Max Factory)
– Figma Isayama Yomi (Max Factory)
– Alphard (GSC)
– Black Rock Shooter Black Blade Ver. (GSC)
– Nendoroid Nakano Azusa (GSC)

The extra Azunyan is for my friend ( ^ _ ^);

3 Responses to “July 2010 Haul – Part 1”

  1. Steve Says:

    That Miku VN02 box is HUGE! Looks like it doesn’t even need to be quite that big, too.

  2. aos Says:

    Great gets as always!

  3. Rin_Asano Says:

    nice loot!
    I’m waiting for 10 figures too :O

    but I just see that you have alphard (may) and other figures released in june…so I have a question (sorry for disturb).
    I have in one order Mikoto GSC (july) and Clalaclan Alter (now it’s august >_< )
    maybe HS will separate the shipping or ship together? :O
    I think they separate them 😛

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