New Shining Hearts For PSP


I was going through Famitsu when I spotted this, a new installment to the Shining series called “Shining Hearts” is scheduled for release for the PSP ^^







As usual Tony Taka will be doing the character design and the game is set for Winter 2010 release at 6,279 Yen retail price. You can visit the Official Site, although nothing much there yet.

So the heroines are bread sellers (Top to bottom: Nellis (Hunter), Eari (Nun), Amyl (Wizard), Kaguya)? lol, anyway we can expect the figures based on the series to be released in the future, most likely by Kotobukiya ^^;

Via Famitsu.

6 Responses to “New Shining Hearts For PSP”

  1. Etherlite Says:

    why PSP? i don’t have that handheld (and not planning to buy, nor having the money to buy it) D:

    wonder when will they start making shining series for PS3….

  2. Shinobi2u Says:

    Wow, bread sellers? Really? Have the ideas for games and characters dried up that much? I could see one of them being one, but the whole group? Anyways, nice art from Tony as usual, though you could copy and paste many of the girls faces on other characters from his past work and not tell the difference.

  3. Shining Hearts PSP game by Tony Taka « Rhei Says:

    […] Via: Kumo’s Blog […]

  4. hitoshura Says:

    I just can’t take tony’s art as mainstream art seriously, it just occurs to me that i just wanna see all of the girls that he designed, banged senseless.

    That’s probably the drawback if you were an eroge artist first. I mean seriously, look at those girls.

    • Shinobi2u Says:

      You know, now that you mention it, that really does make sense. Granted, I like his normal stuff, but it really is hard not to look at them and not imagine in your head what he would do with them in his eroge art. I mean, Shining Wind got the lighter end of it, but some of his pieces still fell into his eroge side.

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