Native’s Super Soniko Bath Time Reservations + Previews


Native updated their Site with preview images of their upcoming 1/6 scale figure of “Super Soniko Bath Time Ver.” from Nitro Super Sonic ^^





Reservations already opened over at Native Web and will run through January 10th, 2012. The figure itself is scheduled for May 2012 release at 9,800 Yen retail price. You can also order the extra “Bathtub Set” for 3,000 Yen, scheduled for April 2012 release.



Via Native Web.

9 Responses to “Native’s Super Soniko Bath Time Reservations + Previews”

  1. Alexis Nguyen Says:

    Can she cast-off?

  2. Native’s Super Soniko Bath Time figur | AnimeGuiden Says:

    […] Kilde wCloudxKumo […]

  3. Carnitas Fever Says:

    I don’t know about the extra $40 for an extra bath tub. But the initial figure is pretty nice looking. I love the bath tub toys and the headphones.

  4. Letgolass Says:

    That bath tub with the shower is from another previous figurine from Native. Guess they are trying to clear off the stocks they have left over from then lol…

    Anyway the figurine already comes with her own bath tub-stand, that white one in most of the pictures, so I don’t really see the point in getting the uglier old one…

  5. Fabienne Says:

    at first I thought the tub was closed, so that you could fill water inside.

    Anyway I ordered her with a proxy ^^

  6. willowywicca Says: akibahobby has further pics of it now, clearing showing how the default bathtub is not a complete one at all and also that it’s cast-off enabled.

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