About wcloudx (Kumo) updated!

About wcloudx (Kumo):

Just your typical Figurine and Gunpla collector out there. Usually (In the internet) I’m known either as wcloudx or Kumo, but people who knows me refers me by Jonathan or Jon. I’m an Indonesian and currently residing in Singapore. Right now I’m  working freelance as a Flash Programmer and App Developer for the iPod/iPhone/iPad.

About This Blog:

This blog was originally created in Livejournal around mid-2006 and was intended for my life in Final Fantasy XI and other related stuffs. I was really crazy about the game at that time, in the end I’ve decided to move over to WordPress for better service in early January 2008.

During that time, I intended the blog to cover on FFXI, Anime, Figurine, and Gunpla, but as my interest in figurines grew stronger, most of the Blog content posted became solely dedicated to Figurine related news, as what you can see at present time. I will still try my best to insert non-figurine news from time to time though.

All news are updated daily.


As my collection grew larger, I’ve also decided to post reviews on them. Currently I’m using Nikon D90 to do all my reviews, previously I was using Nikon D40. I’ve also created my own “Mini-Studio” for the photoshoot, using minimal funds. If you are interested in my setup, you may refer to this Post. I’ve made some adjustments since then, but it’s pretty much still using similar setup.

Link Exchange:

I’m totally open for link exchange. If you want to exchange links with me, just leave a comment in this post, including your Blog address and I will add them as soon as possible. If you have a Banner that you want me to use, also include it together in your comment. I would prefer the Banner Width to be within 200px, can be less but no more than that. Length wise it’s up to you. Thank you for your understanding.


I have also prepared some Banners in exchange. Feel free to use them.



Contact Me:

You can pretty much contact me through this Blog by comments.

Other alternatives, I’ve also owned a Twitter and Youtube account.

Playstation Network ID: wcloudx.

Feel free to add me.

76 Responses to “About wcloudx (Kumo) updated!”

  1. gordon Says:

    me support. ^^;

  2. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Woot~ Thx ^^;

  3. KoNz3n Says:

    wcloudx ! I seriously need your help ! Can you teach me your gundam marker painting techniques ! =( .. I don’t know how u paint it so perfectly ! Or make a gundam marker painting guide for all of us 😀

  4. wcloudxkumo Says:

    ( = ‘ _ ‘ = );>

    Well, I don’t mind making a tutorial or a post on that, and I’ll probably gonna do that in the future ^^; but I can’t promise you anytime soon, because currently I’ve been really busy with my projects ^^; I’ll keep that in mind XD

    but thx for the compliment ( = ^ o ^ = )>

  5. KoNz3n Says:

    hmm ok ! do you knoe any links where i can learn some marker techniques ? 🙂

  6. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Hmmm, most of the tutorials I learned from are from hobby magazines like “Hobby Japan” and “Dengeki Hobby”, so I can’t really give you an exact link.

    For starters I recommend try visiting “Hobby Fanatics” forum ^^ They have quite a nice info and tibbits there that might help you ^^

    You can find the link at the side column. Hopefully that could help you a bit ^^;

  7. Erie Says:

    Hey there, how goes the building of Gundam 00 1/100 Virtue/Nadleeh ?
    I’m eagerly awaiting how it turns out and your pictures of it.

  8. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Welcome~ \( ^ . ^ )/

    Currently it’s still 50% complete. I’ve been pretty busy lately, so I don’t really have time to build it, but it should be finished by next week latest ^^

    So look forward to it ( ^ _ ^ )/

  9. The Sojourner Says:

    Hmm… How do you allow your posts to show thumbnails on otaku.fm? My blog is also a wordpress blog yet my posts all end up in the nothumb page for it. =(

  10. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Actually, a fellow blogger of mine also had the same problem as you do ^^; He’s using WordPress also.

    I can’t really think of a problem to tell the truth ^^;

    All I did was just attached the image using the IMG tag, under “HTML”, not “VISUAL”, when posting a new entry.

    Otaku.fm will then displayed the first image in your post as a thumbnail. Always work with mine.

  11. sonic_ver2 Says:

    Hi there! I’d like to do exchange links with you. I’ve already added link to your blog in my blogroll. Thanks in advance 😀

  12. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Welcome ( ^ _ ^ )/

    I’ve added your blog to my links, and also I thank you for adding mine also ^^

  13. George Says:

    Hello Kumo

    This is George from E2046.com. saw your site today. Nice site.

    I’m interested in exchange a link with your site. in a case, you have not heard about E2046.com

    Here is a link to our site and banner change program.



    drop me an email, if you are interested in exchanging links.



  14. samejima Says:

    Heya Kumo. Mind exchanging links? your blog is already listed in my links section. Thanks.

  15. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Sure ^^ Already added yours to mine.

    Also, thank you for adding mine ( ^ _ ^ )

  16. George Says:

    Hello wcloudx

    How are you? I’m George. I’ve left you a message before. I’m wondering would you still be interested in doing a banner exchange with you. Drop me an email to exchangebanner@e2046.com if you can. If I don’t hear from you in the next 2 weeks, I assume you are not interested. ^^

    My Site: http://www.e2046.com/

  17. Haruji Says:


    Nice site and reviews you have here. I added you to my blogroll as well.

    That’s an impresive number of figures you have there 🙂

  18. uzumakiworld Says:

    You should buy a website! You could always use an Iframe set at 100% linking to wcloudxkumo.wordpress.com, so you would still update your wordpress, but it would appear as if it was a real website(because it’s 100%, it’ll take up the whole page!)

    Plus, you could start using Google Adsense & get lots of extra money for figures. 😮

  19. Dancing Queen Says:

    i just realized that i thought i had you linked on my site and i don’t, so i thought we might as well exchange links! I already added you to mine.

  20. Cido Says:

    Can i make friend with u?I’m a stdent/Anime&manga fan from china.there are many thing i interested in.
    Moe be with you!^_^

  21. cidoes Says:

    I’m cido,sign up just now~!

  22. th Says:

    Hey, love all the figure reviews you do here! (How many do you have?! lol) Btw, I was hoping that we can exchange links. You’ve been added already to mine 🙂

  23. th Says:

    It’s weird, I though that commenting when with my WP account would automatically include my url in the name. Apparently not :p My blog, should you wish to check it out is deculture101.wordpress.com

  24. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Sure, loved to ^^


    Thx ^^

    Added your link to mine, and thanks for adding me also ^^

  25. Lethia Says:

    Hi Cloudxkumo-san 🙂

    Do u mind to link exchange with me? ^_^ I already put ur blog banner in my LINK page, Otakuness >> Figures section. Love the figures news! XD hehe.

    Hope to hear from u soon =)


  26. wcloudxkumo Says:


    Sure. I’ve added your Blog link to mine, and also thanks for adding mine ^^

  27. Larry Says:

    Hello Kumo

    Which server were u in? I was in Bismarck, too bad had to take a break as well due to work. I am interested of exchanging banner, please let me know more detail about it. Thank you.

  28. wcloudxkumo Says:


    I was in Odin server at that time ^^ Had to take a break because of stuffs ^^;

    Sure, I don’t mind exchanging banner with you, as long as the width doesn’t exceed more than 200px. Height doesn’t matter ^^

    Just give me the link to your banner (and your link address of course ^^; ) and I’ll have them up as soon as possible.

    As for my Banner, you can find them at the sidebar ^^

  29. Larry Says:

    HAHAHA~~ I started off in Odin as well before the US release( might of see you in the game before ? Asahne was my character name ), but moved to a new server and square combined that new server with a different one and became Bismarck. And 2 yeas ago I actually went back to Odin but left again back to Bismarck, orz.

    I will start working on the banner and yours too, I will send the link asap~
    Would it be possible to place the banner next to Hobby stock, Hobby seach and HLJ? Thank you.

  30. Terry Says:

    Link exchange^^

    http://shinyui.wordpress.com/ <.<

    i'll add you first ^^

  31. Orcinus Says:

    Added you to my blogroll!

  32. wcloudxkumo Says:

    @Terry & Orcinus

    Added your Blog, also thanks for adding mine to yours also ^^

  33. El Bastardo Says:

    Hey there. Since some months ago I’m a regular here so why not ask for banner exchange with my little site at http://figurefan.blogspot.com/

    Just tell (mail) me which images and what text I should use (I’m utilizing an extended tooltip plugin overlayer so a small and big one and some descriptive text is OK).

    Just mail me and I will mail you my banner links back.

    Hope to hear from you soon!!

  34. Baki Says:

    Hello there, I’m Baki from Triangler and I just want to let you know that I’ve chosen your blog for my “Blog of the Month” special. Congratulations!

    Here’s a link to a banner if you wish to use one:

    Again, congratulations! I enjoyed reading your site 🙂

  35. Alex Says:

    Hi Kumo.

    I am the promotion manager at otacute.com and we would like to know if you have any advertisement space on your blog. If so don t hesitate to contact me.

    By the way I really like your blog.

  36. milkmandan Says:

    hey kumo, read that you are a flash programmer.
    i am a freelance flash dev myself, wondering what kind of projects you’ve done in flash. 😉

    • wcloudxkumo Says:

      Hi, I’ve just started myself, so haven’t done really much project ^^;

      Currently helping a company to develop an E-Learning program for educational school ^^

  37. ifigma Says:

    Hi Kumo.

    I just added you on my blogroll
    Please add me too o(^.^)o


  38. ichocopun Says:

    Hello Kumo, I have just added you on my blogroll! Please do add me too!
    Thanks in advance><

  39. Harlaown Says:


    Hey you want to exchange links?

  40. K Says:

    Hey Kumo,

    Awesome site! added you to my blogroll 🙂 mind exchanging links?

  41. K Says:

    Hey kumo :3! Just got myself a new hosted site. added you to my blogroll again XD. Care to exchange links again? XD


  42. dupchino Says:

    I would like to add you into my blog. I just started 😛 Remember SG cafe Chino ? 🙂 This is my address for the blog.


  43. tueac Says:


    I’m writing to request for a link exchange between your site and ani-culture.net. A site that I and a few fews have created to further promote the anime Subculture and Singapore(and sometimes asia) based events related to anime and culture.

    I hope you can do a banner exchange with us, if it is possible. If not, I would like to ask for atleast a link exchange. I should have already listed your website under my link page.

    If you are okay with a banner exchange, use anyone of the banners listed under the page, http://ani-culture.net/links/, then please advise me on which banner you prefered to be used on Ani-culture.net.

    Please consider my request and I hope to get a favorable respond from you! Thank You very much!

    Admin and Writer
    Email: me@tueac.com
    twitter: @tueac

    • wcloudxkumo Says:

      Sure, I have no problem with that ^^

      I don’t mind a banner exchange, and I have a few ready made on my “About” page. Currently I only have 200 x 40 px, so I don’t know if that suffice, but feel free to use them.

      As for the banner that I need from you, any size is fine as long as within 200 px in width ^^;

      Thanks for adding mine, and will also add you in exhange ^^

  44. Avi Tejer Says:

    Hi, I’m a big fan of wcloud and would like to link exchange.
    I’m the owner of AnimeQuotes net, which is the largest database of anime and manga quotations online, and I think your readers would enjoy it, and my readers would enjoy this blog 🙂
    Please let me know if you’ew interested, and i’ll send you a fitting banner
    and of course add yours.

    Avi Tejer

    • wcloudxkumo Says:

      Sure, I don’t mind ^^

      If you have a Banner than you want me to use, make sure that the width is not more than 200 px. Height wise is up to you ^^;

      As for mine, I have some banners ready that you can use above and hopefully that would suffice ^^

  45. Nekomimi036 Says:


    I’d like to do exchange links with you. I’ve already added link to your blog in my blogroll (added this whe I start bloging in January 2010) and finally I ask you about the exchange?

    Very like your bolg and also I want to Thank you for some info. Yoyr blog is a grat help sometimes. ^ ^

  46. multi Says:

    Hi there! I would like to do exchange links with you. I’ve already added link to your blog in my blogroll.

    Many thanks 🙂

  47. multiseven Says:

    great!! many thanks ^_^

  48. Jiani Says:

    Dear Jonathan,

    I am writing from Reed Exhibitions, the organizer of Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention (STGCC) 2010.

    Please contact me so that I can furnish you with more details.

    Thank you!

    Best Regards,

    Han Jia Ni (Ms)

  49. vincent Says:

    Hello Jonathan,

    I am the owner of a new french society specialized in figurine.
    I would like to show you our last creation and give you more details.
    Can you give me your email?

    Best regards,

    Vincent blaschke

  50. kiralovedogs Says:

    hi Wincloudx,
    my name is Kiralovesdogs and I own a webs website dedicated to Miku Hatsune.
    My domain name is:


    (kiralovesdogs is my screen name. I usually don’t like giving out my real name on the internet.)

  51. Catherine Meyers Says:

    Hi Jon, I admin a web blog directory and I’m wondering if you would want a link exchange. Please let me know if you are interested, to send you information about my sites (avoiding spam).



  52. Mjting Says:

    Hey kumo, you might want to check this site out. thegundams.com

    No, this ain’t spam. I’m just surprised because the site features your articles and updates but with no credit. You can reach me in my email mark_jason_ting@yahoo.com

  53. Mjting Says:

    Hey kumo, you might want to check this site out. thegundams.com

    No, this ain’t spam. I’m just surprised because the site features your articles and updates but with no credit. You can reach me in my email mark_jason_ting@yahoo.com

  54. animefigures Says:

    I’d love to exchange a link with you if you don’t mind 🙂 My site url http://mangafigures.wordpress.com . Yours already added.

  55. kettenkrad Says:


    Would you mind adding two blogs on your link exchange at the same time? The first one is my personal figure blog and the other is blog of a hobby related group that I belong to. Here are the following information:

    Dot Kettenkrad
    – banner: kettenkrad.wordpress.com

    Team Onii-chan! Figure Blog
    – please choose any banner: http://teamoniichan.wordpress.com/contact-us/

    As soon as I’m finished posting this I will add your banner to both account. Hoping for you favorable response, thanks a lot and good luck to your wonderful blog! 😀

  56. Classi Says:

    I would like to have a banner exchange here’s my website http://sgbizness.com. It’s a classified Ads website.

    Please send me your details as well if you find this favorable.

  57. lunn1986 Says:

    Not very good in designing and also not really active in blog but i added you into my blogroll at my blog. Just to inform you~ ^^


  58. Kelvin Tam Says:

    Greetings! I am Kelvin , Sales & Marketing Officer of E2046.com. We are an online store based in Hong Kong offering a wide range of Japanese anime resin figures since 2000.

    Seeing your blog is a site with various figures and Gunpla contents, we would like to know if you are interested in cooperating with us. While we have an exclusive lineup of pre-painted figures, the Gathering, we would like to provide sample pictures of the kits for reviews on your site.

    On the other hand, we welcome you to join our worldwide Friends’ Link platform. Should you be interested, please found related details in the following link and let us know:

    Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to email me on kelvin@e2046.com .

    Kelvin Tam
    Sales & Marketing Officer

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