My Figure Archives

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-October 2009-

gekisouharuhi klan

-September 2009-


lala2 yami

-August 2009-

miku sakuramaid

yomako louisegoth

-October 2008-


haruka blanc

nmelissa sumomo

lily lala

-September 2008-

chuachuram hiiragi

-August 2008-

nekonono fitsuki

komari gothharuhi

benisu mikurumaid

-July 2008-


blood nanoha

fkonata flulu

-June 2008-


fnanoha rize

meifeng nida

-May 2008-


saberalter fharuhi

figmasaber petitharuhi2

-April 2008-


suzuharuka nendomiku

franco alazifswim

fauna airi

-March 2008-

kosmos nobody

succubus puchils

nyx melissa

alazif figmayuki

-Febuary 2008-

al-azif corticarte

tsuruya akatsuki

-January 2008-

yuki ryoko

haruhi-petit haruhi



2 Responses to “My Figure Archives”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You have a very good collection- you should review more figures though 😉

  2. yanderesuki Says:

    ^agree u have an awesome collection must have cost u a fortune

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