Mirai (Fan) Art Progress

Finals ended and I have lots of freetime, so decided to continue on the “Mirai Art” I did the other day ^^

Larger Version

Well, it’s not completed yet, around 50-60% done. I added the base colours and managed to finish touching up her face and eyes, left with the tones and highlights for the uniforms, and the rest.

Right now I’m in the middle of doing her hair ^^; I think so far it looks fine to me. I’ll probably going to redo the lineart for her hair, since it doesn’t really looks like it “flow” naturally ^^;


3 Responses to “Mirai (Fan) Art Progress”

  1. Danny Choo Says:

    Looking good so far ^^

  2. wcloudxkumo Says:

    Thx ^^;

    Still long way to go ( > _ < );

  3. Mirai (Fan) Art Complete!! « Wcloudx (kumo)’s Blog - Ramblings about Anime, Gunpla, & More!! Says:

    […] II Progress I Outline Initial […]

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