Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Wish you guys a Happy Valentine’s Day and all the choco you can get!!~XD

Image courtesy of GSC x Max Photoshoot Contest.


10 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day!!”

  1. Ayu Says:

    Happy Valentine’s day to you too! ^^ Do you have a valentine?

  2. Kouji-kun Says:


  3. The Deathseeker » Blog Archive » Valentine’s Day Says:

    […] Nutcase23 Feidamu-san Adun (double butthurt) Wcloudxkumo Hynavian […]

  4. Adun Says:

    Awww that’s cute.

  5. Coco the Bean Says:

    Happy valentines day! 😀

  6. cidoes Says:

    happy valentine’s day!
    but I haven’t girl friend andchocolate
    MIKU be with me forever!

  7. gordon Says:

    hey buddy, have u seen any droids that i’m looking for? no chocolate for me, i’m on a diet.

  8. wcloudxkumo Says:


    I’d love to get myslef a droid also T_T

  9. kazearashi Says:

    Happy Valentine! *eats Tako Luka* (NO MIKU!) lol

  10. Temporal Paralysis » Happy Singles Awareness Day! Says:

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