Wonder Hobby 9 Live at NicoNicoLive


For those who are unable to attend Wonder Hobby 9 event, which will begin shortly later, and wanted to know what’s happening there, the event will be broadcasted LIVE at NicoNicoLive ^^



Wonder Hobby 9 will start at 10 AM and ends at 7 PM Japan time.

I don’t know if they will broadcast the whole event, as in showing all the Figures and stuffs, but the Stage Event will definitely be part of the LIVE broadcast. You can refer to This Page for the Stage Event Time Schedule.


Don’t forget that you need to register for an account at NicoNico to view the LIVE broadcast, if you haven’t done so.

Wait!! Don’t go yet!! That’s not the end of it btw ^^


Later in the evening, after the event has ended, the LIVE broadcast will continue on with the GSC x Max LIVE Talk Show, where the staffs of both companies will talk and discuss on what’s going on during Wonder Hobby 9. Other topics also include future Figure releases and suggestions.


This is where you will be able to interact with the top people from the companies such as Boss Aki, Mikatan, and Max Watanabe ^^ So throw all your suggestions and stuffs when they ask about it~XD


The results for the Photoshoot Contest will also be announced during the show.


The Talk Show will start at 10.30 PM until dawn (Usually around 4-4.30 AM) Japan time.

Additional images Via Mikatan’s Blog.

Let’s see what are the new Figures that’s going to be displayed there~ ( ^ _ ^ )


One Response to “Wonder Hobby 9 Live at NicoNicoLive”

  1. kazearashi Says:

    Nico Live sucks if you don’t have premium account…. T_T I kept on getting kicked… lol

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