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A Day At Singapore Botanical Garden

June 8, 2008

A change of topic than the usual~XD

I went to Singapore Botanical Garden the other day, as part of our Photography Class outing assignment. It was really a hot tiring day, as in you have to walk to one end to the other end ( > _ < ) There’s no transportation, and it’s definitely not a short walk to get around the Garden ^^; I just wish they would provide a bicycle rental place or something.

Although it was a hot day, it was quite worth it ^^ Took some nice shots there~ The only thing I regret of not having is the Macro lens. It’s not cheap, however ^^;

(Right Click on Images, and choose “Open Image” for higher resolution)


garden 2

garden 3

garden 4

garden 5

garden 6

garden 7

garden 8

garden 9

garden 10

I could probably take a better one, but this the best I can do for now~( ^ _ ^ );

All photos are taken with Nikon D40.

My Secret Base (Well Not Really~)

June 4, 2008

I’ve decided to take some photos of my current room as of June 2008, after seeing Danny’s new “Your Room” sub-section Member’s News ^^ I just did some cleaning, so I think this is the perfect time to do this ^^ This is also a good time for those who are stil curious on how do I get all the space to display my collections ^^;

Anyway, lets start off with an overview of the room~

(Right Click on images, and choose “Open Image” for larger version)

The left side is the Figure section and the right is the Gunpla section. The space between them is where I do all my work~


A look on the Gunpla section~ The lower part is where I kept all my Nendoroid-Petits~

myroom 2

A look on the lower Gunpla section~ All the Nendoroids are well kept in a special display case, which makes my job much easier when cleaning them ^^ Put my Figmas there so I can play with them when I’m bored~XD

myroom 3

The top is some of the Gunpla boxes (Yeah, Dendrobium takes lots of space = _ = )~

myroom 4

My work space~ Also the space where I converted it to my “Mini-Studio” to do all the reviews ^^~ As you can see, I have 2 Desk Lamps, which are essentials for my reviews~XD

myroom 5

Figure sections~

myroom 6

myroom 7

myroom 8

myroom 9

myroom 10

My Shuraki figures which I have collected so far, lacking of Char ( > _ < ); Meifeng and Rize which reviews still pending ^^;

myroom 11

MG Strike Freedom -FBM- (The only perfect place to display it ^^; )

myroom 12

The only Manga I have collected so far~All in English (and that’s my Astraea which I still need to find the time to build on > _ < ).

myroom 13

All my PSP & PC games~ Also Meifeng’s and Rize’s Box which I still kept for my reviews. The rest of the figure boxes is inside the cupboard below.

myroom 14

More Gunpla boxes~ That’s my “1/60 Strike Freedom – Lightening Edition” on the left, which I still havent done any review on ^^; Brown box is my “Diffuser” for photoshoot lightening purposes.

myroom 16

myroom 17

Another corner of the room, where I displayed my humongous Dendrobium and Destiny -EBM-~ I just lucky to have the space ^^; Below is some of the Hobby Search boxes, which I still haven’t thrown away ^^;

myroom 18

myroom 19

Lastly, my only Nanoha Wall Scroll which I acquired from KKnM last year (It was the only item at KKnM) ^^;

myroom 20

myroom 21

I’m kind of blessed with all the display space, but as you can see, everything is in the open. So I have no choice but to clean atleast once a month. Such a hastle ( > _ < ) I’m planning to get myself a new Detolf Cabinet when I have the chance ^^

That’s about it I guess ^^ A little bit cramped, but I kind of happy with the overall layout, since it’s just perfect for me ^^

New Tripod

April 29, 2008

Just got myself a new “Velbon CX 540” Tripod few days ago ^^ Got it for S$40, which I think is quite a cheap price for a tripod. This should helped my future photo reviews, since I get to set my camera to lower ISO and such ( > _ < )v The previous Kuonji Shinra review used this tripod.

The tripod is really good I have to say. Firm and strong. It can get to a maximum height of 160cm and I think can hold a maximum of 2kg in weight ^^ Definitely a good bargain~

Some photos ^^





With camera.


This is my “DSLR Nikon D40”, which I’m currently using if anyone wondering ^^; All current reviews used this camera.


Good stuff ( ^ _ ^ )/