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Collector’s Paradise

September 14, 2008

This is probably the best room a collector would have. It’s like the room is solely design for the purpose of collecting. Gamers can even kills to have this room.


He’s also a hardcore collectors of Gunpla and Figure, as can be seen in the images. Hmmm, I wonder if anyone can reach his level~XD Surround Systems for PS3 and XBOX360.





This is Taste‘s room. More can be seen at his blog.

So clean and comfy!! and those shelves are just godly. Want!!

Japanese Sesame Street

September 10, 2008

Saw this the other day~XD Let’s speak English!!

You Female? No Female!! Yes Female!!


September 6, 2008

Here’s a fun typing game which involves Anime songs ^^ Type in the lyrics as the songs plays!!


Thanks to Cyberchaos @

The game is sooo addicting~XD You can start playing TYPING MANIA 4 right here.

BTW, Motteke! Sailor Fuku is broke ( > _ < );;

Good Smile Company’s English Site Launched!!

September 4, 2008


Good Smile Company finally launched their first ever English site dedicated to non-Japanese speakers like us with the help of ^^

You can visit their new English site Right here!.

For more explanations you can go here.

Dragonball The Movie Trailer

September 3, 2008

First time seeing this today. Looka like a legit trailer to me, although it looks more like a teaser ^^;

100,000 HITS!!

September 1, 2008

thank you

Omg, I can’t believe that I actually hits the 6 digits ( > _ < ). I didn’t expect it to be this soon ^^;

As you might have known, I’ve started this blog at the beginning of January this year, the day when I switched over from my “dead” Livejournal account ^^; Of course, I won’t be able to get this far without the helps of you guys ^^

Most of my traffics came from and Animenano, so I really want to give my big thanks to Danny of (Also for the occasional “hijacked” news) and Hung of Animenano for letting me join the community ^^

Also I want to thank the following Top 5 fellow blogger for reffering my blog the most:

1. Anime-Baka – Fariz Asuka
2. Exelica Meteor – James
3. Deathseeker – Panther
4. Gordonator – Gordon
5. Squee Junk Yard – Squee

I thought I would also share my stastics a little bit to celebrate this ^^

My traffics actually shot out around June and July after I joined Animenano, also after we created the Team Blue community (also I urged you guys to join us) ^^ Thanks to these, right now I’m averaging at 800 – 1000 hits per day, with August 3rd as the highest at 1,700 hits, thanks to Wonder Festival 2008 Summer ^^ Highest total hits fall at August with 29,500 Hits total.

All this statistics really motivated me to keep improving my blog. I definitely will try my best to keep you guys updated with the latest news on Figures and Gunpla (which right now kind of slow~XD ), and also other related news. I will also try to catch up with the backlog reviews on Figures and Gunpla as soon as possible ^^

Just want to thank you guys again for all the support all this time, and also for those who came frequently and commented on my blogs all the time. I apologized if I didn’t reply your comment in time sometimes ^^;


Happy Birthday Miku!!

August 31, 2008


A little bit late, but today is Miku‘s birthday, so just want to say Happy Birthday to Hatsune Miku~ ( ^ _ ^ )/

Figma Dance

August 30, 2008

One of the best looking stop animation video ever, featuring the trio Figma males + guest appearance by RAH Light ^^

Thanks to Dancing Queen @ for the heads up~
( ^ _ ^ )/

Kanu Paradise

August 30, 2008

Super Large Version

I think these are all the Kanu figures that’s already released + future release up-to-date. There are some that I’ve never seen before, but looks interesting.

Any hardcore Kanu fans out there that owns all of them or atleast half of them?~XD

From 2chan

Viral’s Giga Drill Breaker!!

August 28, 2008

There’s so much GAR in this. In this Seiyuu segment of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Viral‘s Seiyuu gets to voice Simon in one of the “Giga Drill Breaker” scene ^^

Simon = Hiyama Nobuyuki (Viral)
Guame = Fukui Yukari (Nia)


Figma Misao

August 26, 2008

More of those Custom made Figmas. I guess the trend is increasing ^^


This time it’s Kusakabe Misao from Lucky Star, by using Figma Konata Winter School Uniform Ver. as base model.

Although it’s not a really “smooth” final product, still, I think it’s a good attempt~ ( ^ _ ^ )/

From 2chan.

Figma Shana

August 24, 2008


Not the official ones, unfortunately ^^; This is a well custom made Shana using Figma Haruhi as a base model. From 2chan.

Although it’s not official, I can see Max Factory releasing Figma Shana in the near future~ ( ^ _ ^ )/

Eroge Seiyuu Bloopers

August 24, 2008

Accidentally stumbled upon this today ^^;


Well nobody is perfect, and I reckoned that even Seiyuu (Voice Actors/Actresses) who did Eroge have made some mistakes and stuffs during their recording, and probably more than the usual normal Anime seiyuus~XD It’s not easy…well you know why~XD Below is the bloopers from the Eroge ONI(?) during recording:

I have to say, it’s pretty funny~XD

Death Sauce & Sudden Death Sauce

August 7, 2008

Saw this video today. It’s so funny I just have to post this~XD

Basically the clip is about some people who tried to taste one of the most spiciest Tobasco sauce in the world, Death Sauce and the higher level Sudden Death Sauce. Their reactions are just too amusing~XD Even the old man, who is supposed to be really good with spicy stuffs, can’t even hold a straight face~XD You can hear the word “Karai” a lot, which means Spicy ^^

Can you guys eat spicy food? I can eat spicy food, but I remember eating one that is so spicy it makes me cry~XD

Back in Action!!

July 5, 2008


So yeah, just want to let you guys know that I’m back from my trip ^^

Time to catch up with news and updates!!( > _ < );

Expect lots of entries by tonight and tomorrow ^^; Cheers!! ( ^ _ ^ )/

Holiday Trip

June 27, 2008


I’ll be away on a holiday trip starting tomorrow, Saturday 28th June, until next Saturday, 5th June, for 1 week. So any updates and news during this period will be a bit slower because of Internet issue ^^;

But I’ll try to keep you guys updated as soon as possible. Cheers!!~( ^ _ ^ )/

Nia’s Character Potraits Booklet

June 26, 2008



So after Yoko, It’s Nia‘s turn to get the “Gravure” treatment~XD

More sneak peek images at Akiba Blog

New Blog Banners

June 12, 2008

I’ve made some new Blog Banners, in which you can use them to Image link my Blog to yours ^^ This is also in conjunction with the “Team Blue” that Panther mentioned in his Blog.



More variations of the banner is in the works, so currently these are the only ones available for now. Feel free to use them~( ^ _ ^ )/

If you want to exchange links with me, just post a comment at the “About Me” page, and I’ll add you as soon as possible~

A Day At Singapore Botanical Garden

June 8, 2008

A change of topic than the usual~XD

I went to Singapore Botanical Garden the other day, as part of our Photography Class outing assignment. It was really a hot tiring day, as in you have to walk to one end to the other end ( > _ < ) There’s no transportation, and it’s definitely not a short walk to get around the Garden ^^; I just wish they would provide a bicycle rental place or something.

Although it was a hot day, it was quite worth it ^^ Took some nice shots there~ The only thing I regret of not having is the Macro lens. It’s not cheap, however ^^;

(Right Click on Images, and choose “Open Image” for higher resolution)


garden 2

garden 3

garden 4

garden 5

garden 6

garden 7

garden 8

garden 9

garden 10

I could probably take a better one, but this the best I can do for now~( ^ _ ^ );

All photos are taken with Nikon D40.

Hatsune Miku Comes To Live

May 28, 2008

What would you do, if the next morning you wake up, Miku is standing on your computer and start singing? ^^

A nice use of the ARtoolkit ^^ It stands for “Augmented Reality Tool Kit” ^^

You can download the program on the net, although some programming skill is needed for it to work. Just search google for it ^^

More on this below: